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Make Money Quilting From Home

by Staff

Receive money for your quilting skills. It is time to start your home based quilting business because your friends and family have been asking you to open your doors to a business income. They can see how successful you will be in the quilting business. Take their advice.

You love quilting and quilting loves you. That is a winning combination because you can make money quilting from home. Make money doing something you love.

Why are you depriving people of your wonderful talents?

Receiving money for your skills is a way for a customer to show appreciation for your craftsmanship. Do not feel guilty or ashamed to receive or to ask for payment.

Start your quilting business at home and make money with your wonderful quilting magic.

Here are three methods to make money quilting from home:

Make an hourly wage of $50 to $100 subcontracting to other companies.

There are companies which pay a flat rate of $500 or more per quilt.

Sell your quilts directly to a customer for your asking price. Read the rest of this entry »

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